“To improve lives through innovative, reliable medical supplies, and exceptional service.”


Relief, service, and convenience.

Provecta is committed to enhancing the lives of our community through reliable medical supplies.

We believe this is best achieved through demonstrating our values in relief, service, and convenience.

When you shop at Provecta, you’ll have access to our hand-selected products, tested for their performance in relief and functionality.

Our goal is to help customers find the right “fit” the first time, reducing trial and error.

We make shopping at Provecta super convenient by offering in-store pickup and fast delivery to your doorstep.

We care about helping you find the right product the first time, so you can get back in the action.


Mobility for every moment

Provecta's world-class selection of mobility products are built to last, so you can enjoy the moments that matter most to you.

Get around town like it’s no one’s business.

Our products are designed for easy functionality and long-lasting materials. Just grab, snap open, and go.

Your new gear helps you move freely and independently so you can enjoy the activities you love.

Comfort that just works.

At Provecta, we believe that true comfort can’t be achieved through cheap design and material. We choose only what we know is quality by using the products ourselves.

We believe you should be comfortable no matter if you’re in your work chair, driving, or getting around with your mobility gear.

Superb lasting comfort for anywhere, anytime.

That's why we offer a wide variety of comfort products that are meant to be used over and over again, providing the same level of comfort you experienced from day one.

Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect product to meet your comfort needs.

Stay energized with long lasting comfort that has people wondering how you do it.


Swift recovery with medical-grade products.

Provecta offers many leading medical-grade products for common injuries and accidents.

Our products are designed to help you recover quickly and with minimal pain.

Recover the right way, with the right care.

We work closely with your doctor to ensure you get the right product and the support you need throughout your recovery process.

Get back on your feet in no time.



🌱 The Provecta Way: Every customer interaction is an opportunity to make a positive impact on someone's life. That's why we treat every person with the same level of care, respect, and friendship that we would want for ourselves or our loved ones.

To demonstrate our values, we:

  • Ensure customers leave with the right product based on their needs, even if it's not available at Provecta.
  • Look for opportunities to provide greater service, especially for customers in pain. Demonstrating kindness, empathy, and understanding in hard times.
  • Take all customer problems seriously and work to find a solution that exceeds their expectations. If something is said, consider the meaning behind the words, and act accordingly.


“To become the go-to source for medical supplies and exceptional service, known for our commitment to improving lives and making a positive impact in the community.”

Our vision is to become the go-to source for innovative and reliable medical supplies, and exceptional service, known for our commitment to improving lives and making a positive impact in the community. We strive to be the first choice for customers seeking high-quality, dependable products that provide relief and enhance mobility, comfort, and recovery.

In this future, we will have a strong and loyal customer base that values our commitment to service and recognizes us as a trusted partner in their healthcare journey. Our reputation for excellence will have spread beyond our local communities to the broader healthcare industry, and we will be known for our dedication to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Our team is comprised of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about helping others and driven to continuously improve our products and services. We will foster a culture of collaboration, respect, and empowerment, where every member of our team is valued and supported in their personal and professional growth.

As a company, we will be actively engaged in making a positive impact in our community and beyond, through charitable donations, volunteerism, and partnerships with organizations that share our values. Our commitment to social responsibility will be an integral part of our brand, and we will be recognized as a company that cares about people and their well-being.

Overall, our vision is to create a future where Provecta Medical Supply is a respected leader in the healthcare industry, known for our exceptional products and services, and our commitment to improving lives and making a positive impact in the world.